Products Using Our Barcodes in Israel

Our barcodes are being used on many different products in Israel (and worldwide) – see some examples below

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Food products & health supplements

Natural Honey (Agri LLC)

Hye Himalayan Pink Salt with Organic Black Pepper (Hye Products)

Chopped dates (

Bostan Microgreens


Music CD – (Dave Geodakyan – On the Run)

Toys for Children

Children’s Playhouse (GoGo Productions)

And many more different products… see below for more examples of products using our barcodes in Israel.



More Products using our Barcodes in Israel:

The list below is from (all of our EAN barcodes include free barcode/product registration on that database). The EAN barcodes that we supply are suitable for use on any retail product worldwide (with the exception of books and magazines). They can be used both in normal retail stores and in online stores (e.g. Amazon, CD Baby, Our barcodes are being used on thousands of products around the world.